Genealogy of the families Lichtenbelt, Lichtenbeld, Kruyt, Wijsma,
Verloop, Reuchlin, Gonggrijp and Zomer
And some information about: Lichtenbeld en Ligtenbelt

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Genealogy (public site) :  

1. Family tree of the familie Lichtenbelt and van Marken           click here for english explanation

                                                                   family Lichtenbeld

2. Family tree of the familie Kruyt,

3. Family tree of the familie Wijsma

4. Family tree of the familie Verloop

5. Family tree of the familie Reuchlin

6. Family tree of the familieGonggrijp

7. Family tree of the familieZomer

8. Passagerslists of people going by boat to and from Ducth Indien before 1940 (now Indonesia)

9. Account

Due to privacy reasons not all data are given. There is a site with more detailed information for family only. Please contact me for any improvements etc.

Homepage :      10. Homepage of Jan and Andrea Lichtenbelt


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Please send reactions. Are you a relative and want more detailed information please contant me. If you do not agree which your name and your information in these family trees, please contact Jan Lichtenbelt

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